Since February 24th 2022, Ukraine has been attacked by Russian armed forces. For the film industry, it's business as usual.

In 2022, Russia launched a brutal invasion of Ukraine. Over 200,000 people have died or been injured to date in a war which has seen countless war crimes, acts of genocide, rape, mutilation, and torture inflicted against the Ukrainian people. The international community has launched a series of sanctions against Russia, with some members of the film community openly claiming to refuse to support Russian companies whose profits in turn serve this pariah state. Despite this, many continue to trade with or on behalf of film businesses in Russia, often evading banking restrictions imposed by sanctions, by handling payments through shell companies registered in the UK or Cyprus especially. Here, we highlight some of the offenders whose continued business is a dire insult to the filmmaking community, and especially to the victims whose lives are taken every day by this vicious war. We award their dedication to the cause with the drones these films’s exploitation helps to supply, instead of stars.

Company Film Russian Box Office MG Drone Factor
The Coproduction Office The Triangle of Sadness
Warner Bros Avatar 2: Way of the Water 278 790 000
Lionsgate John Wick 4 9 796 306
A24 Beau is Afraid 145 468
WTFilms Apaches 72 048
Pathe Films The Three Musketeers: d'Artagnan 1 407 361
Pulsar Content Resurrected 158 773
Lionsgate The Honeymoon 73 311
Goodfellas (formerly Wild Bunch Int) L'Ombra di Caravaggio 124 225
Charades Aftersun 116 613
STX International Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre 8 952 312
Les Films du Losange Retour a Seoul 58 366
Embankment Films The Son 148 462
MK2 Corsage 112 392
A24 After Yang 55 935
Goodfellas (formerly Wild Bunch Int) The Innocent (L'innocent) 50 796
Hanway Films Blueback 77 877
Lionsgate Plane 1 987 520
Goodfellas (formerly Wild Bunch Int) Holy Spider
XYZ / Paramount Global Content Blackberry
Goodfellas (formerly Wild Bunch Int) Jeanne du Barry Release Date TBC
Mantícora La Exorcista
Walt Disney Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
Universal Super Marios Bros Movie
Paramount Pictures A Little White Lie
Cornerstone Mafia Mamma

Proud Purveyors to the Putin Regime

Awards coming soon!

Figures above are estimated figures based on publicly available or approximate information. We know not every company is the same as others – some honor old contracts with long-lasting clients, while many sign new ones. Sometimes they pretend they were signed before the war, some don’t care. Therefore, statements are generalized and should be taken with a dose of satire. To be clear, we make no suggestion of any illegality or evasion of sanctions, this website simply serves to highlight the deep ethical and moral flaws in an industry which has the power to make positive changes for humanity. 

If you would like to whistleblow on facts and figures, or if you feel the information above is incorrect, please get in touch with us so we can update the information!


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